LITBK has new modern highly sensitive analytical equipment from leading companies - AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, THERMO SCIENTIFIC, ELEMENTAR, IKA WERCKE, BINDER, PRECISA, NABERTHERM, RETSCH, AHLBORN, etc.

In order to ensure traceability of the results, the measuring equipment in the laboratory are calibrated at appropriately determined intervals by the National Metrology Institutes (BIM, etc.), calibration laboratories with recognized calibration capability and with appropriate uncertainty accredited by the National Accreditation Body. The laboratory also develops in-house laboratory methods for the calibration of measuring equipment.

Calorimetric systemmeasuring of calorific value

ICP-OES – measuring of elements content

Elementar analyzerforCHN – measuring of total cabron content, total organic carbon content, total nitrogen and total hydrogen

Ion chromatorgraphy systemmeasuring of sulphur, chlorine, fluorine and bromine content,water soluble nutirents and elements

Combined pH and electrical conductivity instrument



Sieve machinesdetermination of particle size distribution

Mechanical durability tester for pellets


Muffle furnacedetermination of ash content, loss of ignition and volatile matter

Laboratory dryerdetermination of moisture content, water content and dry residue

 Calipermeasuring of diameter and length of pellets

Bulk vessels for measuring of bulk density

Anlaytical and technical scales

Microwave system for decomposititon and extration


Laboratory shaker for sample preparation

Cutting mill for sample preparation






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