LITBK is accredited to testing of different characteristics of samples from solid and liquid waste – eluates, infiltrates and sediments.

LITBK performs testing of sewage sludge characteristics in accordance with the requirements of The Ordinance No. 2 of July 23, 2014 on the classification of waste and The Ordinance No. 6 of August 27, 2013 on the conditions and requirements for the construction and operation of landfills and other facilities and installations for the recovery and disposal of waste.

The test results are presented in a Test Report. If requested, test reports may include opinions and interpretations on how the results are used or recommendations for improving product results, as well as declaring conformity in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations. 



Test method


Dry matter content

БДС EN 15934:2012, А

Water content

БДС EN 15934:2012, А

Total organic carbon content (ТОС)

БДС EN 15936:2012, т.10

Loss of ignition

БДС EN 15935:2012

Exchangeable forms of elements - Al, Sb, As, Ba, Be, Bi, B, V, Fe,

Hg, Cd,K/K2O, Ca/CaO, Co, Li, Mg/MgO, Mn, Cu, Mo,

Na, Ni,Pb, Se, Si, Ag, Sr, S, Tl, Ti, P/P2O5, Cr, Zn

БДС EN ISO 11885:2009

Chlorides, sulfates and fluorides

БДС EN ISO 10304-1:2009

Total and soluble organic carbon content

БДС EN 1484:2001

Total dissolved solids

БДС EN 15216:2008

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